Why would you replace your valuable furniture when having it professionally cleaned can restore the colour and extend the life of your upholstered furniture?

The methods we use involve pre-spraying upholstery with an appropriate cleaning solution and agitating this into the fabric using a soft tampico brush. This is then left to dwell in order to loosen the soiling which is then extracted using the same powerful steam extraction machine used for carpet cleaning.

During the final stage of the process, the upholstery will be dried using towels. If necessary, a powerful fan will also be utilised to further speed up the drying process. To clean a standard 3pc suite using this method may take up to 4 hours depending on whether cushions are reversible, the level of soiling and the material involved.

With my carpet cleaning service I offer a free, no-obligation onsite and written quote.

Upholstered furniture in your home can soon take on the signs of daily wear and tear- dirt marks on arms, spills on seats and damage caused by family pets can all take their toll on a once loved piece of furniture. Calling in the professionals can soon have your furniture cleaned and restored with the added option of scotch-guarding and protection against future marking. We clean all varieties of home upholstered furniture, from three seater couches to the cleaning of upholstered adjustable chairs and recliners.

We also offer business upholstery cleaning, for offices, schools leisure centres, restaurants and more. We can steam-clean upholstery at your business premises in Rochford at a convenient time for you, in order to minimise disruption and reduce health and safety demands, helping your business get back to operation quickly and with minimal inconvenience. We can professionally clean seat cushions, office chairs, school chairs and even cinema seats, so whatever your requirements, call today to book our services and find out the benefits for yourself of our professional cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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