It is my opinion that there are few areas of cleaning where the degree of customer expectation is as high as it is with carpet and upholstery cleaning. People generally accept that stains present in a garment may or may not be removed. But not so in the case of carpet and upholstery.

There is an old adage in our industry, that people inspect there floor coverings twice, once when brand new and again following cleaning. The wear and tear of ten years or more does not exist in our customers memories and we are expected to remove the ravages of concentrated foot traffic, light and atmospheric fade and any contaminants that have been applied to the carpet or upholstery.
Some carpet and upholstery cleaners will promise whatever it takes to get the customer to book the work, at Roffey Carpet Cleaning i prefer to be honest with my customers, i will always try and clean your carpet and upholstery to the very best of my ability, i like to think that my customers recognise that trusting the person you employ to be honest with you from the very beginning is a vital ingredient in good customer relations.