The Science of Carpet Cleaning

The science of carpet cleaning involves the evaluation of the carpet fibre, construction, age, colour, traffic patterns and soiling.

Carpet cleaning is an important factor in maintaining your investment and keep it looking at it’s best, dirt hides in the deepest fibres, it can also be a breeding ground for mould, fungal elements and parasites, when moulds form they can cause skin allergies, especially to people with sensitive skin. Carpet cleaning will discourage or destroy the sources of fungal contamination.

One of the best reasons for having carpet in your home is that it will trap these nasties rather than have them floating around your home, it is often misconceived that carpets cause these problems and many people now have hard floors thinking this will cure it, nothing could be further from the truth, take a look at your hard floor when the sun if shining through your window, that layer of dust is just laying on the floor waiting for you to walk by and disturb it and circulate it around your home.

Whereas those same fibres often become trapped in your carpet pile until you either vacuum or have your carpet professionally cleaned.

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